Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Introduction to Sustainable
ENVMT 2 (3 units) Code: 22656
Freeman, SRH
Wed 6:30‐9:20 PM (2/2‐4/11)
Sun 9:30 AM‐5:15 PM (2/12, 2/26, 3/11)
Interdisciplinary study of the impact of human
civilization on the earth’s major ecological
systems: Issues examined in historic,
contemporary, and future settings, including
both Western and non‐Western contexts;
material presented from a theoretical point of
view, with a focus on core concepts and
methods related to ecology, sustainability,
human population, natural resources, wastes
and pollution; reflection of how human
economic, political, and ethical behaviors are
inextricably interwoven with the
environment; and presentation of
environmental career options.
Introduction to Sustainable
Systems Lab
ENVMT 2L (3 units) Code: 23930
Freeman, SRH
First Meeting: Wed, 2/2 3:00‐6:15 PM
(Lab schedule can be flexible to accommodate student
A real world field course that identifies and
works with the sustainable environmental
principles discussed in ENVMT 2. ENVMT 2L
projects can be combined with ENVMT 50
Introduction to Urban and
Regional Planning
ENVMT 11 (3 units) Code: 23931
Freeman, SRH
Tues 6:30‐9:20 PM (3/20 ‐5/22)
Sat 9:30 AM‐4:50 PM (3/31, 4/28, 5/12 )
Survey of sustainable urban and regional
planning: Overview of the problems and
solutions of environmentally and socially
sustainable planning of cities, suburbs and
rural areas: history philosophies and
theories of urban planning; rural land use
and planning strategies; and the regional
approach to planning.
From Tree to Sea: A Bay Area
Environmental Cross Section
ENVMT 40 (3 units) Code: 23932
Freeman, SRH and field
Mon 6:30‐9:20 PM (3/26,4/9, 4/30, 5/21)
Sun 9:30 AM‐4:50 PM (4/15, 4/22, 4/29,
5/6, 5/20)
Sat 9:30‐4:50 (5/19)
Hike, bike, and boat the outdoor
environment of the San Francisco Bay
watershed environment and nearby sites;
field study of ecosystems of the bay, hills,
forest lands, creeks and wetlands;
exploration of sustainable cultural,
ecotourism, and economic uses of the Bay
Special ProjectsENVMT 50 (1‐3 units) Codes: 22410 & 22411
Freeman, SRH
Fri (2/24‐5/25)
First meeting: Fri, 2/24 10:30 AM
Contact: rfreeman@peralta.edu
(Future meetings can be flexible to accommodate
student projects.)
Student‐initiated projects in Green Building,
Ecological Restoration, Ranger, Naturalist/
Outdoor Education, and Community
Development. On‐ or off‐campus internships
and other hands‐on projects and
partnerships are encouraged, including
research opportunities in the environment
and society with the Brower‐Dellums
Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies.

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