Monday, September 30, 2013


23 September 2013 Violet Henderson-Green Outside the Self Reliant House
After wondering around for five or so moments trying to figure out where I wanted to take a seat and begin writing, I looked up and down the hill reading the signs and taking in the sights until I turned around and spotted a sign that read “Edible Garden” This is a cool space. Shady, and quiet. I hear the chirping of the birds and I see the scattering of little brow striped spiders as they seam to be investigating why on earth did I choose this spot to plant my butt down and write. I guess it was the color purple that drew me in along with the green leaves. The color combination always reminds me of a natural wonder of God’s perfect color combination. It also makes me think about my name and how two of the most beloved men in my life named me. When I was born my dad named me Violet and when I got married I became Mrs. Green. I wonder what other natural colorful name combinations there are in the world? How about Heather Blue, Grey Brown, Poppy Red or Golden Tan? Or why people always seem to take on the characteristic of their names? When we area not on one accord with nature either we change or the world around us changes. To evolve into something totally different and perfect once again.