Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Field Notations Template

Field Notations



Temperature, ambient (shade thermometer):

Water (depth):

Wind strength and direction:

Weather conditions:

Vegetation Types and amounts:

Wildlife (noises, sat, prints, insects, fish, land animals):

Moisture level:

Water Amount, flow, quality (turbidity), smell:

Slope (how steep):
Exposure (i.e. direction slope faces):

Geomorphology (land, shape, features):

Land use (past, present):

View/ Scene:

Noise type and level:

Condition (ecosystem health, cleanliness, other):

Are people around- who, how many? (thriving, active isolated, suspicious, other)

Building Types, age, conditions:

Your impressions: what you like or don’t like, do you want to linger or leave?

How does it seem to fit together as a whole? How does it “read”? What meanings does it suggest? Is any ecosystem visible?

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