Thursday, April 15, 2010

SYLLABUS Envmt 21 Solar and Sustainable Energy Options Spring 2010

Envmt 21 (24506) Solar and Sustainable Energy Options Spring 2010

SYLLABUS: Bruce Douglas, P.E., Robin Freeman M.A. 434-3840

Meeting times: 6 Thursdays: 6:30pm – 9:20pm AND 5 Weekend days: 9am – 4pm.

Grading and other Policies for this course: The course is available for a letter grade or credit/non-credit for those who are not using it for a certificate or degree, but you must designate Cr/NC on line at the beginning of the course. 80% Class and lab participation is required for credit and completion of assignments is required for a letter grade. You will provide a class evaluation at the last class and suggest your grade based on your assignments and participation.

See next page for reading assignments:

Final Project: Goal: to show your thought about addressing SCALE GAPS to achieve sustainable solutions. Groups: 2 or more people. Product: prepare and present a 5 minute proposal. Your proposal must SYNTHESIZE the technical details learned in this course and LINK you, the Environmental Program at Merritt, Government, Industry, and the Global picture. 3 hours of class time will be used for final project work time.

Thursday 4/15
Introductions, About this course, what is the final project?
The Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies (ISPS) theme.
Scale, the power grid and the power structure.

Saturday 4/17 Reading #1 due today.
Sun’s motions: Solar pathfinding
Infrared radiation & greenhouse effect
Solar cooking demo
Basic Electricity, photovoltaics (PV)

Sunday 4/18
PV system components and set up
Thermodynamics, Efficiency
PV economics, payback, ROI

Thursday 4/22 PV questions due.
Energy and society: Philosophy, Policy and Economics.
Mapping student & staff travel

Saturday 4/24 Reading #2 due today.
Electric Vehicles and Boats: Concepts, Physics of motion, power, and energy.
Motors, Controllers, Batteries, Transmission, Equipment selection

Thursday 4/29
Energy: Sources / Impacts, Conservation, No to Nuclear
Light the Spectrum and Wave behavior

Thursday 5/6 EV questions due.
Transportation issues: Planning, Affordability of living, Locality.
Energy jobs.
Student personal energy picture.

Saturday 5/8
Electric Vehicle lab: concepts review, electric vehicle designing and building. Field visits.

Thursday 5/13
Water Resources & Systems, water and energy, watersheds, water conservation.

Sunday 5/16 Reading #3 due today.
Solar Hot Water
Solar Hot Water lab.: Hands-on with SRH water systems.

Thursday 5/20 Solar DHW questions due.
Final Project Presentation

Reading/Research #1 due 4/17:
Excerpts from: Photovoltaics-Design & Installation Manual, SEI 2004. This is posted on the GreenBuildingDesign Yahoo Group. To join this group go to:

Reading / Research #2 due 4/24:

Reading / Research #3 due 5/16:

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